Thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio. This website is constantly growing and evolving, and will eventually include my projects, publications, and blog posts. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions regarding my work–I am always happy to hear from others interested in games and narrative!

E-mail: cmejeur@gmail.com


Twitter: @CMejeur



ProfessionalI’m Cody Mejeur, currently a PhD student in the English department at Michigan State University. I focus on game studies and narrative theory, while also working and teaching in traditional literature. Currently I am working on theories of interactivity in narrative, including systems for analyzing and teaching games. Beyond games, I am also interested in genre fiction, fairy/folktales, and American literature and culture. I also teach online courses for Ivy Tech Community College, including Technical Writing and Modern World Fiction. I received a MA in English from University of Chicago, and a BA in English and History from Western Michigan University. Much more information is available on my CV–see the pages above!

On a more personal level, I am a lifelong resident of Michigan, and still love my home state–perhaps due to a love of local/regional history and a strong affinity for water. My most important hobby would be gaming, but I enjoy media of all sorts. I also like dogs, swimming, walking, and cooking, but I’ll leave that list there for fear of this starting to sound like a dating profile.


Important note: the banner image used above does not belong to me. It is an image of Rapture from the game Bioshock, and the artwork belongs to 2K Games/2K Boston.

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